“Passionate” means capable of, revealing, or characterised by intense emotion. Each person has its own passion, but there are some that made these passions their life.

Davide was born on 18 February 1989, he lives in Belluno, in the North of Italy, and he managed to make his passion his life. You need courage to take this path, you need a lot of determination and confidence. It is like walking a winding path to reach the top of a mountain: it is hard, it requires a lot of energy, courage and a lot of patience… but when you reach the top, the scenery takes your breath away and everything resumes sense. Davide knows very well these emotions: in addition to his love for the photography, he loves all about the mountains and all kind of activity that are connected with them, from skiing to climbing. He is the kind of person that when there is a goal to achieve, he is ready to do everything to reach it. He had the courage to follow his ideas and everything that he is able to do now, he has learned on his own. He managed to combine everything that he likes with the duty to work, he is my model, my best friend. And this is his site with his works.

(Elisa Giannelli – AIESEC team manager)